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About Crystal Therapy

LifeStages Holistic Healing also offers Crystal Therapy also commonly referred to a Crystal Healing. This therapy is often used in conjunction with Reiki treatments to help maximize the treatment and effectiveness.

What is Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an alternative therapy that involves the use of crystal gemstones being place on or around your body to clear up energy blocks, activate chakras and work on the specific properties the crystal has to offer.gemstones crystals healing airdrie alberta

Crystal Therapy for Chakra Balancing

Often the crystals used are those that are the same color as the corresponding chakra and they are placed on those chakra points. They are used to clear blockages and open up the chakras so that energy flows freely as it's meant to. Blocked energy is said to be the cause of the beginning of dis-ease.

What to Know Before Doing a Crystal Therapy Session

It is beneficial to let me know what issues you wish to work on before we begin your session. This way, I can ensure I have all the crystals required for that treatment laid out and ready to go. I may still add other crystals in to the mix if guided to do so, but I do like to have the main ones ready.

When you call to book your appointment for Crystal therapy I will ask of your main concerns so I can draw out a treatment plan in advance and then modify it as needed. If you are just coming in for a general treatment and have no major concerns, that is fine too! It is a relaxing and wonderful experience and you will feel wonderful afterwards!

General Crystal Healing

Crystals are so useful and can be used in so many ways! You can wear them as jewlery or even put a few in your pocket to keep close to you. Ensure a restful sleep by placing them under your pillow. You can even make elixrs with certain gemstones!

Crystals may be placed in straight lines or they may end up forming a grid on the body.

A Typical Crystal Therapy Session

As with Reiki, you are fully clothed. You lie on the massage table and relax. I will begin with a body scan using Reiki techniques and then determine what areas require work and which crystals will be used. I begin placing them on the body and then, will use my master Quartz crystal to activate the crystals one by one.

Sometimes I will use other crystals to 'connect' and energize other crystals that have been placed. Think of them as being a bridge that is allowing the energies to flow more freely between two points.lifestages holistic healing crystal healing therapy airdrie alberta

Once they are all activated I like to add in some Reiki to help with the energy flow and to clear away any of the negative/residul energy.



Book an appointment with Lifestages Holistic Healing - Natural Health Alternatives using SetMore 

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