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A Reiki Session

A typical Reiki session involves the patient to relax in the Reiki practitioner office while the practitioner begins the treatment.

As practitioners do things differently and may use other aids (crystals, sage, Tibetan bells etc) I can only speak of how my sessions usually go.

When you arrive we go up to the Reiki room (on the 2nd floor, if you have mobility issues we can arrange a main floor session). As you are seated we chat briefly and I go through a quick questionnaire.

This questionnaire goes through your past and present medical history including any recent surgeries, diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions and medications you are on. (Your information is always protected and private) I collect this information in the event a medical incident occurs and your emergency contact needs to be notified or paramedics need to be called. (No, Reiki is not dangerous but I do have clients who are diabetic or suffer other medical conditions, so this is a pro-active measure.)

Once done, I explain the Reiki process and ask if you have any questions.

You will lie on the Reiki table (like a massage table) fully clothed and preferably on your back. Should you have any problems with lying down or on your back there are other ways to conduct the session including sitting in the chair. While not as comfortable sometimes as lying down, it is still effective for the Reiki session.

The room is dimly lit with soft music to promote the most relaxation possible. I begin the session by asking you to relax and give permission for the Reiki session to begin and work for healing of your highest good. You are invited to ask your Angels, Guides or Ancestors to be with you during this session and aide in your healing. While doing this, I do a silent prayer to my Angels and Guides as I ground myself and initiate the Reiki session.

I begin by doing what I call a Body Scan or X-ray with my hands. Placing my hands over your body, going from head to toe, I slowly feel for any energy changes to see what specific areas need to be worked on or cleared before the whole session begins.

Q: So what does that energy 'feel' like? Well, for everyone it's different and what I feel may not be what you feel and you may not even feel anything. For me, I often feel tingling in my hands, sometimes cold or hot or even like I'm pushing down on soft cotton. For you, you may feel tingles, or even feel as though my hands are on you - when in fact they are not! It can be very interesting and I like patients to know so they are prepared and not anxious about the session.

I normally work head to toe but it's not uncommon for me to bounce around a bit as the body calls me to different areas. Sometimes the hands are placed lightly on your body, others times just above the body.

In between the 'hand positions' I will work to brush away any unneeded energy that no longer serves your highest good.

Tools I often use, depending on what I'm called to do:

  • Crystals
  • Tibetan Bowls
  • Feather for Clearing
  • Sage (not if you have respiratory ailments or sensitivities)

When doing a session, I often have my eyes closed but I am not in a trance. You can remain quiet and even fall asleep if you wish (many patients do!)  but you can also talk or ask will not stop the flow of Reiki or change your treatment.

Once the session is done I remove any crystals used and give you a moment to stretch before helping you sit up. Once sitting I brush away any residual energy and ensure you are grounded before moving to the chair. As you sit in the chair you are encouraged to drink some water ( I provide you water but you are welcome to bring your own as well). We will briefly chat and I will answer any questions you have.

I will collect payment after the session and issue any receipts that are required. Since I am a Registered Reiki Practitioner you may be able to claim the cost through your benefits.

To speed up the payment and receipt process, you can opt to pay online before your treatment and when you get email confirmation, request a receipt and/or health form. I can have it all filled out for you ahead of time. This also allows us to chat longer if required.

Reiki does not get you in touch with spirits or predicts your future. I'm not saying that you will not have insights or even visions of your ancestors, but I am saying that I am not a Psychic or Medium and do not make any claims. A Reiki practitioner is not allowed to make any diagnosis or assumption and you are encouraged to seek medical attention should you be concerned about a medical issue.

Reiki is considered a 'complimentary' therapy and designed to aid in your comfort while allowing your body to naturally heal itself on many levels.