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Who Uses Reiki

I could say "Everyone" but that would be stretching it! However, everyone 'Could' use is for everyone who wants it.

More and more people are trying Reiki and even learning it for their own self-healing. One of the challenges facing Reiki and it's effectiveness is the fact that you can not 'see' Reiki.

I have had many patients come in that are skeptical and I can not convince them with words. All I can do it perform the treatment and if they feel better or feel the energy, then they know. It can be difficult though because we like to see things and very few people can see Reiki energy.

That being said, many accredited institutions are beginning to offer Reiki services. Highly respectable institutions like the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University. Many hospitals in the UK are also leading the way by offering Reiki services to patients.

While Reiki can be used for individuals looking for a couple of sessions, it's also highly beneficial for those suffering from long-term ailments.

Residents in care home, Palliative Care patients and Hospice homes use Reiki. Caregivers often learn Reiki so they can give Reiki daily to their loved ones at home or in the hospitals.

Animal Reiki is also a very big thing and can be very beneficial. While animals can not tell you what they feel, it is not uncommon for a pet who usually keeps away from strangers, to come right up to a Reiki practitioner and sit right under their hands (speaking from first hand knowledge here!)