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It's important to me that my clients get the help they need. Healing yourself does not just mean coming in for a treatment, it also requires some self-help and self-care.

By taking time to relax, listen to soothing and healing music and even doing some guided meditations at home, you can help your body to heal.

I always recommend clients do some 'home' work on their healing. This can be some simple changes to avoid stress, such as minimizing time on computers and not watching TV shows that upset you. It can also be changing some of the music you listen to during the day to calming and healing music. Or, if you normally don't listen to music, start!

In the evenings, when you get some time, try doing a Guided Meditation. It can be a longer one or even a short Chakra clearing one to refresh you and balance you after a long day. 20 minutes can be all it takes.

I have compiled some collects of Music as well as Guided Mediations. They are all free, found on You Tube and will be easy to access. Save them to your own playlists for future use. I hope you find these tools helpful!