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Here you will find a collection of Guided Mediations you can easily tune into for relaxation and Spiritual journey.

These clips are found on You Tube and are easily accessible.

Open Balance Chakras: Cleanse Aura
Chakra Alignment
Unblock 7 Chakras
Raising Vibration With the Angels & Chakra Clearing
Chakra Meditation Cleansing
Chakra Healing & Balancing
Chakra Balance
Let Go of Anxiety, Fear & Worry
Meditation for Anxiety & Stress
Stress Relief & Anxiety: Walk Along the Beach
Instant Anxiety Relief
Overcome Social Anxiety
Let Go of Stress & Anxiety Meditation
Let go of Anxiety, Fear & Worries: Harmony & Inner Balance
Surrender Meditation
Healing Pain & Sickness
Soak Like an Eagle Meditation for Sleep
Manifest Love and Loving Relationships
Past Life Regression
Forgiveness: Forgiving Yourself & Others
Discover Past Lives: Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide
Sleeping: Fall Asleep Faster
Unwind Your Mind
Weight Loss Meditation
Pain Relief: Ease Aches, Pains & Headaches
Quit Smoking: Replace Addiction With Passion
Help for Substance, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs, Depression & More
Anxiety, Depression, IBS and Digestion
Guided Meditation for Kids: The Flower
Guided Meditation for Kids: Secret Treehouse
Guided Meditations for Kids: 4 in 1
Guided Meditation for Children: Land of the Unicorns
Mindfulness Meditation for Kids: Breathing Exercise
Guided Meditation for Children: Cleansing Campfire
Guided Meditation for Children: Shine Your Light (Anxiety & Confidence)