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After Your Reiki Treatment

Once your Reiki treatment is completed you will be encouraged to drink some water and sit for a few minutes before leaving the office. This gives you a few moments to get collected and grounded.

For the rest of the day you should stay hydrated (as we always should) and drink plenty of water. You can continue your normal daily routine as you feel ready for.

Most people feel refreshed after Reiki and relaxed. I have been asked if it's ok to go to Yoga or exercise class after and the answer is yes. If you feel up for it go for it!

Reiki continues working on you over the next few days so don't be surprised if you have some interesting dreams or some 'a-ha' moments! The whole purposes is to clear out the old, make way for the new and bring everything into balance. Reiki works to do that and if you can, put a sleep journal next to the bed and jot down any dreams or ideas that pop into your head.