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Holistic healing may be new for you and it's normal to have some questions. Below are some common FAQ's. If you have any other questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to answer any questions you have!


Q: What if I can't lie down for a treatment?

A: If you are unable to lie down for a treatment there are other options like sitting in the chair or even on the couch. The treatment will still be effective and you can change positions as much as you need to during your session

Q: I'm pregnant - is Reiki safe?

A: Reiki always works for your highest good and is nothing but good energy. You are not getting my energy, I am not getting your energy. You are receiving energy from the Universe and it flows as it needs to. It will not harm you or your baby.

Q: Can children have Reiki?

A: Most certainly! Children are so intuitive and aware (especially babies). It is great when babies and children receive Reiki as they are young with fewer deep-rooted issues and will be easier for Reiki to work on balancing their energy. Since kids and babies often do not sit still for long the session works a little bit differently and is often a shorter session if needed.

Kids are encouraged to try to relax and day dream and sometimes I will do exercises with them like visual imagination to help them meditate on clearing their Chakras.

For babies, it is more of a parent-practitioner tag team approach! Mom can hold baby and I will place my hands near baby. We just talk as usual and the Reiki flows as it will.

Q: What does Reiki feel like?

A: For everyone it can feel different. I always tell clients you may feel something, you may feel nothing. Common feelings though are:

  • Heat
  • Tingle sensation
  • Feeling as though my hands are on you when in fact they are not
  • Feeling as though my hands are on one area (shoulders) when in fact I'm working on your feet
  • Emotional break-throughs
  • Feelings of emotional release and relief
  • Lightness and removal of pain
  • Buzzing in head, spacey-ness, feeling of floating

Reiki should never be uncomfortable and if you ever feel uncomfortable in any way please let me know so we can address the situation.

Q: How do I know if Reiki worked?

A: After a session you should feel relaxed and refreshed. If you had aches or pains they should be minimized if not gone altogether. If you had anxiety or depression you should be feeling a bit better and more in control. Depending on the severity of your condition, it may take many sessions to make a very noticeable improvement but it will come over time if you allow yourself to heal.

I have had clients leave who were not 100% convinced Reiki worked (they were skeptical to begin with) but as they leave I see their eyes are clearer, like a mental fog was lifted. While they may be questioning if it worked or not (depends on their expectations as well) I could see that change in them as they left.

Q: What can Reiki help me with?

A: Reiki can help with so many things. From anxiety and depression, aches and pains, pre and post surgery to healing past traumas. It always works with good intentions and for your highest good.

Q: I have hearing aids, will Reiki affect them?

A: One of the hand positions I do involves placing my handing around/near both ears. This can make your hearing aids buzz. Please let me know if you have hearing aids or any other medical devices/equipment on you so I can be aware of them. This includes any recent surgery incisions or tender areas, drains, colostomy bags etc.

Q: I have mobility issues

A: The office is on the 2nd floor of my home and there are 13 steps to reach the 2nd floor. If you are unable to do stairs please let me know and I can set up the Reiki table in the living room. If you are unable to get up on a Reiki table, or find it difficult to sit up after lying down, we can also arrange a chair session.

I do not offer mobile services at this time.

Q: I have anxiety/stress/claustrophobia

A: No worries - I totally get it! I've been there before and it's NOT fun! I am totally flexible when it comes to YOUR Reiki session. We can go at your own pace. I can have the room dimly lit or keep all the lights on. I can have the door closed or keep it open. If you need to get up and walk around or even take a break and walk outside, totally fine! What is important is you are comfortable and don't feel confined or stuck to anything rigid. Just let  me know how you are feeling and if you need a break or adjust the room, we will do it!

Q: What if I can't stay still for an hour?

A: Not just for kids! Some adults can not comfortably stay in one position for an hour and that is fine. You can change positions as you need to, get up and walk around, stretch..whatever you need.

Q: Why do you collect my information?

A: The form I use is a modified version of the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) intake form. I have modified it to include other important information that may need to be given to first responders in the event of emergency. I have also added information fields like recent surgeries to ensure your comfort during treatment.

Basically, the information I collect is in the event of a medical emergency. I ask for an emergency contact, current medications, any medical conditions and all of that information is kept secured and never, ever shared with anyone. It is, however, the form I would give to first responders should they need to be called in the event of a medical emergency. I do have clients who are Diabetic, elderly, Epileptic, survivors of brain surgery etc. In the event of fainting, seizures, respiratory attack, cardio attack, fall or any other type of non-responsiveness, I would contact 911 immediately.

Q: I've had Reiki before but they did not collect any information

A: Some places treat Reiki as they do massage therapy and do not do much (if any) of an intake. I follow the guidelines of the CRA and take my modality of healing very seriously. Your health and safety is my #1 concern, thus the intake form.

Q: How will I feel after the treatment?

A: You should feel refreshed and mental clarity should prevail. You may feel a bit tired and in that case, go rest and drink plenty of fluids. More times than not, you will feel renewed and even filled with more energy than when you arrived. Even if, when you first get off the Reiki table you do not feel totally refreshed, most clients feel renewed by the time they reach their car! Read more about Reiki side effects here...

Q: How soon until I book again?

A: A very common question and to which I reply "When you are ready." I could say you should come 1x a week and then 2x a month thereafter or something like that, but it is not my decision to make.

Your body will know when it's time to come back. Some clients only need a session and then maybe another a few months later. Others need to come weekly for a short while, whatever you feel works for you is the way to go.

I do recommend NOT booking until at least 3 days after your session as the Reiki is still working for you. If you really feel you need to come in, that is fine, Reiki will never do any harm.

Q: Will Reiki 'cure' me?

A: I am unable to make any claims of course. Reiki does prepare and assist your body for it's own healing but of course, I can not make claims that you will be healed.

You should always communicate with your medical professional(s) about any medical concerns and please do not ignore any medical conditions and only rely on alternative therapies. Reiki is meant to be a complimentary therapy and while it can minimize a medical condition or even help it resolve completely, it's good to seek medical consult to ensure your safety.

Q: Do I tip you like I do my massage therapist or hairdresser?

A: Appreciated but no. I do not accept tips. I consider myself and my practice in the same regard I do a medical professional, physiotherapist etc. We do not tip our doctor and I do not expect to be tipped either. While I am often offered tips, I respectfully decline and thank you in advance for the gesture!

Q: Can Reiki help me connect with my Guides/Angels?

A: To clear up some misconceptions - I am not a Psychic or Medium. This is to say I do not channel Spirits, Guides or Angels or relay information to you from them. I am not saying they will not be present during the session, only that I will not be conducting any transfer of information between you and them.

That being said, it is not uncommon for clients to communicate with 'the other side' on their own during a session. Many clients have reported feeling visited during the session. Some say it's the feeling of being surrounded by love and warmth and protection. Others have seen their ancestors or even just had simple words or messages flash through their mind, helping them understand something that has been bothering them.

Reiki allows for healing, for balance. It helps you connect with whatever forces you need in order to heal all issues (past, present and future) and if you are open to it, you can facilitate healing with your Guides as needed.

Q: I am Male, can I receive Reiki?

A: I only offer Reiki sessions to females at this time, unless you are referred by an existing client. Evening appointments may be an option, please contact me to discuss.

Q: I have no childcare, can I bring my child(ren) with me?

A: Sorry, my policy is no unsupervised children at the session. For a couple of reasons. First, this is your time to relax and allow your body to heal. It's hard to relax when your 'mom' ears are tuned in to your kids. Second, it's for liability reasons. I am unable to watch your child(ren) during the session and can not have them unsupervised in the house.

The only exception to this rule is older teenage kids who are comfortable sitting in the chair in the office. However, I do not allow playing of mobile devices in the office so it may be very boring for them! If you have an older teen-ager who wishes to come please contact me so we can discuss, thank you for your understanding!

Q: What are the Chakras?

A: The wonderful world of Chakras. They are our energy centres and are responsible for many things. They determine our emotional and physical state of being. If they are out of balance, we feel the effects both physically and emotionally and when out of balance, other Chakras compensate, in turn being out of balance as well.

I like to explain it in this way: Imagine a river that is plugged by a beaver damn (the blocked Chakra). The river normally flows freely and keeps an even water level (balance). Plant life on the banks thrive as they receive just enough water and water life (fish, plants) thrive as they have the right conditions as well.

When the beaver dam plugs things up, the flow is altered. Some areas become stagnant and stale, overheating and filling up with algae. It chokes out life in that area and mucks things up. Some water (energy) still gets around the dam but not the steady flow that is the most efficient and needed for a healthy river. As the water backs up, it spills on the banks, drowning the plants (causing dis-ease in the outlying areas). This begins to do a ripple-effect as wildlife and birds that used to nest and come to the area, no longer do.

One blockage (beaver dam) had changed the flow of the water (energy) which created a ripple effect to other areas (other Chakras and physical/emotional well-being).

By clearing the beaver dam (clearing the Chakras) you bring back the original balance. The water (energy) flows as it should, nurturing all areas along the way. One balanced system.

Q: How do Crystals work?

A: Crystals have different healing properties. Some are used for mental clarity, some for grounding. Others can help reduce inflammation or help bring Chakras into balance.

I use Crystals in combination with Reiki sessions sometimes to help bring everything into balance. By placing the Crystals on the body they can increase the energy for that area or around that Chakra as needed.

Q: Will Angel card readings tell me my future?

A: To avoid confusion, I explain Angel card readings like this: They are messages from your Guides for what you need to know at this moment.

They can certainly provide some insight into your future but of course, we all have free will. If you ask about your career path and the cards indicate something about going back to school to further your education and you choose to stay working at your job - it is your choice. The cards let you know what you should consider to bring your life into balance and live your Life Purpose, but again, the final decision and path is yours.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask with my Angel card reading?

A: There are no yes-no questions with Angel card readings. Most questions are related to:

  • Romance
  • Career
  • Life Purpose
  • Healing

A very popular reading that I have put together is the 12 month reading. This is where I draw a card for each month for a year and then let you know what message your Guides have for you in each month. (Sort of like the old horoscopes that gave you the year-at-a-glance!)

I do this reading as an email as there is LOTS of information and it helps to look at each month at it happens and also to look back on the previous months to see how everything has played out.

Q: Do you do in-person card readings?

A: I do not. The main reason for this is for you to have all the information for review. If we do in-person and you are not taking notes, you lose much of the information and will likely forget some of the important messages over the next few weeks. On the flip-side, if you do take notes, then you are busy scrambling to write things down instead of being present in the moment and listening to the message.

By me e-mailing the results to you, you can read them, take them into account and go back to them as you need to. Once you request a reading and pay for it I usually conduct the reading within 24 hours (You do need to 'book' the spot in my calendar but it's not a set time, nor an in-house appointment).

I then contact you to see what questions you have (what areas they are about: Romance, Career etc) and if you are asking about someone else I require their first/last name as I do yours so I can ask the Guides to assist with the reading.

Your privacy is very important and I take it very seriously. I will ask you, before doing your reading, if this is the right email to sent the results to. Some clients ask about their current marriage or relationship status and may wish the results be sent to a non-shared email.