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Location & Rules

Rules? Now what is that silly business all about? Truthfully, they are really just guidelines but important ones, so the word Rules gets a bit more attention!

Nothing crazy here but there are some house rules in regards to receiving a Reiki session with me.

First, it's important to know I work out of my home and the office is on the 2nd floor. If you have mobility issues just let me know and I can bring the table down into my living room so we can do the session there.

It's also good to note that the Reiki table is good for 350 lbs. I realize this is an uncomfortable subject to bring up but it's important nonetheless. The last thing either of us wants is for you to lie on the table and have it break during session - nothing relaxing about that! The good thing is, we can still do a chair treatment, where you sit in the chair and I do the treatment. So please, if you are in and around or over this weight, let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements.

Children. Love them, have some of them myself. However, they are not allowed during your Reiki session. There are many reasons for this. First, it is very hard to relax when your  kids are present. You are constantly in parent mode and listening for/to them and not focusing on your own relaxation. Second, I can not be watching them during a session nor responsible for any accidents that occur if they are unsupervised.

Even if your children are older, I ask that you make arrangements so that they are cared for during your treatment. The only exception would be for older teen-agers who are content sitting in the chair in the room during your treatment but I ask that they not use their mobile devices (which can leave them a bit bored!)

Parking - you are able to park in the driveway (there are 2 spaces available) or anywhere on the road. I ask that leave room for a 2nd vehicle if you park in the driveway.

Your appointment time - Please be on time for your appointment as I like to get started right away. When you take into account the time to get inside, up to the room, go through the questionnaire, and cover any questions - it can already run 10 minutes into the session time. Leaving 10 minutes after the session for chatting and drinking some water, it only leaves me 10 minutes to clean the room for my next client (as I leave 30 minutes in between schedules appointments.)

I also ask that you do not come to the door early. Only for the reason that if I am with another client, we may be finishing up. You can, however, text me at 403.998.8597 and let me know you are early and if I am ready I will let you know!

If you are picking someone up, or someone is picking you up, the same 'rules' apply. Please have them come to the door about 15 minutes after your appointment is set to end. They can also text you or myself. They are more than welcome to park on the garage pad while waiting for you.

Please - Very Important: This is my home. Sessions are by appointment only. Please call if you would like a session or to buy a gift certificate. Or book online. Thank you for respecting my privacy.